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Uncle_samDo you read blogs like this one via a feed? Do you use Bloglines on Firefox[1]? If yes, then Uncle Yaron Needs YOU!

For an experiment I’m involved in relating to relevancy and blogs, we’re looking for folks like you to help us vote on feeds you read and find interesting.

What’s in it for you?… Hmmm – to be perfectly honest – not much for now… Well, except for the great privilege of helping me out, of course!… 😉

I can say that this is an extremely interesting project, especially if you’re a regular feed reader. And by helping us now, you will get permanent priority access to any new features before anyone else. I think you’ll appreciate these a lot once we make them available.

Interested? Shoot me an email and I’ll give you more details:
yaron (at) galai (dot) com

[UPDATE] – we added support for Rojo and Sage, as well as Bloglines (all on Firefox).

[UPDATE2] We are now supporting NewsGator too.

[1] Or, of course, willing to convert to Bloglines + Firefox.

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