CNN Money: “Quigo: The next Google?”

Hmmm – I’ll subscribe to the title of this article by Paul R. La Monica on CNN Money this morning!… 😉

From the article:

…To that end, Quigo is not trying to be an online media company competing with "old" media firms for traffic and ad dollars. Quigo isn’t billing itself as a site where people can go to check e-mail, read news, look at job listings or watch videos.

"Quigo is benefiting from a perception of independence. There is general angst about the power that Google and Yahoo have and Quigo is able to sell against that. They have quietly replaced Google and Yahoo in a lot of newspapers for that reason," Sterling said.

Perfectly said. As I said here over and over – large Media Co’s should be extremely cautious about outsourcing+blackboxing their most vital asset (=advertisers) to their biggest competitors (=Google, Yahoo and MSN).

Full article available here.

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