TWS 2007 – Israel’s DEMO’ish conference

, one of the finest of Israel’s tech blogs, has announced an upcoming startup event called TWS2007 (Hebrew only…). In Yaron’s words (not me, Orenstein):

"The idea is to Identify and present up to 10 small startups with great technology and strong teams, who are seeking for funds and on the other hand, allow all other web entrepreneurs to mingle and approach the VCs and angles with no formal barriers. It is a "pro bono" event with the sole purpose of promoting the Dot Com industry in Israel."

They’ve also launched a TWS group on LinkedIn for folks involved in the Israeli startup world, which you can join here.

TWS2007 will be held in the Interdisciplinary Center (Merkaz Bentchumi) in Herzelyia, on April 10th. I’m not sure I’ll be in the right side of the world on that date, but if I do make it – see you there!

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