Favorite posts on WebX.0, take 2

Outbrain_apiA couple of weeks ago we released the v.1 of the outbrain API. This allows RSS feed aggregators (or publishers) to integrate full ratings capabilities into their services.

This week we’re adding a neat little feature to the API, enabling partners to get the top rated posts for each blog, as rated by the outbrain community. I posted a few top-5 lists (for Seth Godin’s, Guy Kawasaki’s and Joel Spolsky’s blogs) over at the outbrain blog.

And here are the current top-5 favorite posts of this blog, as rated by the outbrain community:

  1. outbrain, funding, bubbles, etcrated 4.83 out of 5
  2. Movie Theatres 2.0rated 4.5
  3. Idea: Cooking timer siterated 4.5
  4. Favorite posts on WebX.0rated 4.43
  5. Supermarket 2.0rated 4.4


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