Pop-up blockers blockers

I use Firefox, with Yahoo and Google toolbars installed. I also occasionally use IE7 (directly, or via the wonderful IE Tab extension). And I have a bunch of anti-virus, anti-adware, anti-spyware, etc programs installed.

When the first pop-up blockers were introduced, they were great. But with ~10 different applications all attacking those poor helpless pop-ups, I’m finding that this once useful tool is becoming a real nuisance. The reason: On those few sites where I actually do want pop-ups to pop I now need to go and disable (or white-list) 10 different apps and toolbars.

I thought there must be a solution for this growing pain, but couldn’t find any. So here you go with a free idea – feel free to take it and build your next mega-business with it.

The idea is to develop a Pop-Up Blocker Blocker. As the name implies – once installed, this software would block all the pop-up blockers from doing their thing for a given website.

I think this can be huge.

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