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Click to buy on AmazonI recently had the pleasure of hearing Dan Senor, author of Startup Nation, at the most recent TechAviv meetup. I just bought 10 copies of the book, and will be giving them away to 10 Outbrain customers. More details on that below. 

Yaron Samid did a great job describing what Startup Nation is about: 

"…the book asks and answers the question; How is it that a nation only 60 years old, 7 million people strong (smaller than New Jersey), literally surrounded by enemies, in a constant state of war since its founding and with no natural resources, has:

  • Highest concentration of startups in the world
  • Most VC investments per capita in the world
  • More NASDAQ listed companies than any country besides the US, more than all of Europe, India, China and Japan combined
  • Economy barely hit by global economic crisis

In short, how do we kick ass with such little feet? The book and its answers are particularly timely for a world struggling out of a global economic crisis. Most agree that there’s only one way out; Innovation, and Israel is its hotbed…"

(Yaron's full post – here). 

If you're interested in the book, and want to help get more people to read it by pushing it to the Amazon Best Seller list, go ahead and buy your copy here

Or, if you want a better deal, I will be giving away 10 copies of the book to the first 10 people who submit a link to Outbrain's sponsored link service – Outloud. With Outloud you can amplify an article or blog post of your choice on our network of thousands of sites and newspapers (including USA Today, Slate, Fox, Tribune,, SportingNews, etc, etc). The cost is only $10/month for each story you choose to submit, and there is no long term commitment. You can promote any story you want to on the web – it could be about your company, a blog post you wrote, or a great article about a cause you'd like to support. Hey – you can even help get the word about Startup Nation out to more people by sponsoring this article on Newsweek

(More details on Outloud here). 

All you need to do is go to Outloud, submit your story, and let me know (either by Twitter, or on a comment here, or shoot me an email to galai[at]outbrain[dot]com). The first 10 people to do this will get a copy of the book (which, btw, sells at book stores for $27, not including the shipping… so you'd get over $40 in value for a $10 investment, and help promote a great book in the process). 

In the mean time, here's a short interview with Dan Senor, author of the book:


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  • Oren Todoros| November 29, 2009 at 4:04AM

    Hey Yaron
    I just gave a mention through my FB Feed and submitted 2 links for a client of mine. I’m expecting to see some great things.
    Plus, I’D love a copy of the book! 🙂
    I got to see Saul present it at Tech Aviv here in Israel which was really a great experience. Any chance I get a copy?

  • Yaron Galai| November 29, 2009 at 7:19PM

    Thanks for the mention and the client submissions Oren! Absolutely sending you a copy of the book – just email me your address.
    Would love it if you can report on your Outloud experience here or on your FB feed. Thanks!