Today we (=Outbrain) are announcing the launch of our sponsored link program called Outloud. Outbrain now powers the recommended/related article links ("People who liked this article also liked these:") on thousands of blogs and newspapers including USA Today, Slate, Fox, Tribune, Golf.com and SportingNews.

OutloudUsing Outloud, companies and bloggers can now submit links to stories into our index. We then show links to those stories on the most relevant pages in our network. The cost is a flat $10-per-month for each story you choose to submit via Outloud. There is no long-term commitments or anything like that, so this is practically risk-free. 

Here are a few examples of what Outloud is perfect for:

  1. Amplifying earned media – Having bloggers write an authentic, positive review of your company or product is one of the most powerful endorsements you could ever hope for. But once that blog post is written – how many people actually read it? How do you get more, interested people to read those reviews? With Outloud you can submit links to authentic reviews of your company or product, and we'll show them to people who are actively reading related content.
  2. Amplifying PR – Similarly, PR folks are focused on getting press and blog coverage for their clients. But once your client gets the PR, how can you maximize its effect. For $10/month on Outloud you can amplify great press coverage and get many more people to hear about it.
  3. Getting new readers – If you're a blogger looking to get new readers exposed to your content, Outloud is a great and affordable way to do it. Choose the 5-10 stories on your blog which you think are best, and submit them to Outloud for $10/month each. We will then show your links on the most relevant pages in out network of thousands of blogs and newspapers.

The idea around Outloud is simple – we want to be able to show the best sponsored links possible on each page using our service. And to do that, we don't want you thinking twice of whether you should or shouldn't be submitting stories to Outloud – we've reduced the price barrier to the lowest reasonably possible.

The links you submit can be on your own blog, or on any other website in the world. If Walt Mossberg covered your company on WSJ, you are more than welcome to submit that link to Outloud as well. In fact, we think that the best links to submit would be authentic stories writen about you by other people.

But what we do insist on is that all links in Outloud be pointing to interesting, real content. We will be gladly rejecting any links to spam, scams, non-disclosed self-promotions, fake content, splogs, etc. Outbrain has always been about providing readers with the most interesting and relevant links, and we plan to continue doing so whether the links are free or sponsored. 

Here's an example of how Outloud links might look on a site using our service:

So go ahead and submit your stories to Outloud, and get them read!

(Thanks Eze and Jay for the coverage!)


Speaking at two events

I'll be speaking at two events in the next couple of weeks:

IBF logo The Israeli Business Forum of New York (IBF) is an apolitical, nonprofit organization facilitating quality business discussions among Israeli professionals in New York. I'll be speaking there on Tuesday, July 28th at 6:30pm. Details and registration here.

On Wednesday, July 22nd, I'll be speaking on a panel at an event benefiting Rabin Medical Center in Israel. Registration is here.

AFRMC logoWith me on the panel will be Joel Naroff – Chief Economist of TD Bank and Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald – Founder of Paramount BioCapital. Cost is $75, and it all goes to benefit the new emergency and trauma center at Rabin Medical Center.

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Evaluating the real risk of swine flu

I am sick and tired of all this swine flu craziness. Does anyone remember the last pandemics which were going to wipe out humanity? – avian flu, SARS, ebola, anthrax, etc… Where did they all go?! And hey – weren't we all supposed to have been mad cows by now?!? 

I want to suggest a new formula for evaluating the real risk of pandemics like the swine flu:

# of infected people / $$'s made by the media
Anyone out there have the numbers re swine flu? Regular flu? Bee stings? Fire ant attacks?

Based on my proposed formula, I bet swine flu is probably one of the safest and mildest diseases in the world. 

Now world – get back to work… 

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